Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC: The Siege of Paris

The Siege of Paris is the second DLC for AC Valhalla, the first being The Wrath of The Druids. It is also possibly the last major DLC to be released in the AC franchise before Ubisoft embarks on a whole different direction for the franchise moving forward. The Siege of Paris was released on the 12th August 2021, and I completed the major missions over the weekend.

So how did I find the second DLC? It was overall just OK. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t outstanding either. I was hoping to encounter interesting characters in this DLC, but I find the characters in the first DLC, Wrath of The Druids to be far more interesting than what this newly released DLC had to offer. Most of the characters were typically run-of-the-mill characters occupying familiar character tropes that you might find in such a game. You have a mad french king called Charles the Fat, an ambitious Count, a vengeful Viking from another tribe and of course Eivor, the main character of the game trying to keep the peace between the warring factions and preventing war from spilling to his new settled tribe of Ravensthorpe in England. Overall, I felt that the DLC was playing it safe, trying hard not to rock the boat too much on what it potentially could have been in using this opportunity to wrap AC Valhalla with a bang. Instead, it ended in a soft whisper.

I have always been a fan of the AC franchise, right back to the very beginning when the first Assassin Creed was released close to 15 years ago.

AC Valhalla marks the end of another era in the AC franchise starting from AC Origins. Who knows what directions Ubisoft is going to take with the franchise in the coming years. Only time will tell.

As with all AC games I have played, I will always miss the characters that I played in every AC games ever released, and AC Valhalla is no exception. I will definitely miss Eivor and his adventure, just as I miss Alexios in Odyssey and Bayek in Origins and all the rest before.

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