I just can’t believe how incredibly thin the new iMac is!

Yesterday was Apple’s first product announcement of 2021. It was hotly anticipated to announce a slew of new products such as the Apple TV, new iPad Pros with better display (possibly mini-LED) and a newly designed iMac.

Apple mostly delivered. With the except of the lack of an iPad Mini announcement, just about every rumour that you might have heard on social media regarding new Apple products are more or less correct.

But what I didn’t expect when they announce the new iMac sporting the M1 chip was how incredibly thin the desktop is. It’s literally just a slightly chonkier iPad that has been blown up to 24 inches. Seriously look at it!

Look at how thing the overall profile of the computer. This will look great in any desktop set up.

The second pleasant surprise for me at least was the colours. Not only did they announce one or two colours, but seven in total! That is insane! And the colours aren’t those muted, pastel colours that we see in iPhones. Some of the colours that are on sale soon include purple and blues that are deep and yellows and oranges that are vivid. Apple is being fun again. Imagine if you are in the office and everyone uses the iMac but is of the different colour, it will look like a wonderland in the office, full of colours in and around the desk space.

I am so excited to actually see this computer in person. I just want to marvel at the colours and the overall thin profile. This is possible with Apple’s revolutionary M1 chip that debuted in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pros and the Mac Mini. The M1 chip has finally entered the desktop arena. And the fact that it has arrived to desktops shows Apple’s confidence in their chip design capabilities to outperform all other chip makers including Intel and possibly even AMD.

I shudder to thing what Apple chips like the M2 might be capable off in the future. Is it going to be lacklustre, hitting a technical limit, or will they blaze past their competition in terms of computing performance in a much smaller footprint, leaving competitors in the dust?

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