Fever, sore throat

Three days ago I got a sore throat. It got worse by the day, and eventually I had low grade fever throughout the day. I felt lethargic, achy on my neck and bad headache. I thought I could self-medicate by drinking lots of water, taking lots of rest and making honey lemon beverages that was suppose to soothe my sore throat. But the fever just wouldn’t go away after 3 days. By then I was feeling too achy and stiff and the headache just got worse. I eventually decided to visit my family clinic.

The doctor told me that I had a bad throat infection, bacterial in nature. So he prescribed me a broad spectrum antibiotics to combat the infection. Five days worth of antibiotics that I must finish, along with a lozenges to soothe my painful throat and Anarex, a pumped up version of panadol or paracetamol.

Anarex is potent. Two tablets each time you take it and it relieves all forms of pain your body. Within an hour, the pain in my head and neck were gone. I feel more relaxed. I recently discovered that Anarex also contained a muscle relaxant added to the mix. That explains the calming effect it has to those taking it. It relaxes the muscles, blocks that pain and tensions in your body.

But I never like taking paracetamol. In the long run, its not good for the body. Antibiotics are fine, so long as you complete it. But I’m a bit worried about giving me a broad-spectrum antibiotics and it may also kill off good bacteria in the body, especially the gut, where it is suppose to protect you from the bad bacteria and maintain a healthy digestive system. So far I don’t have any diarrhoea yet. So my gut is still functioning well. Maybe I could keep it healthy by drinking probiotic milk like Yakult, to replenish all the good bacteria that may have been destroyed as the result of the antibiotic that I am taking.

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