Razer Huntsman Mini 6-month review

I have been using Razer’s 60% keyboard, the Huntsman Mini for about 6 months now. I used it for both work and play and I am officially convinced that the money spent on this rather pricey keyboard is worth every dollar.

Everything from the build, overall weight, stability, to the quality of the keycaps is just perfect for me.

I am a fan of 60% keyboards due to its size. It’s small, compact and looks really tidy and minimalistic when sitting on the desk. The clutter-free look and feel of your overall desktop setup is what draws me in when considering a small and nice looking keyboard. The Huntsman Mini ticks all those boxes.

I chose the clicky optical switches instead of the more commonly available linear optical switches. Initially I was afraid that I might have to put more effort in pressing the keys due to its clicky nature. But soon I realise that it was not the case. Key travel is pronounced and the clicky sound is extremely satisfying. It can be a little loud for some people, and certainly audible from across the room, but since I am using at home, I am not bothering anyone.

Anyone who loves clicky optical switches, this is the one to get. But beware, you might disturb your neighbouring colleagues if you are using it in the office and typing away.

There are downsides to this keyboard (some of which are unavoidable in such small keyboards). For one, The base is made of plastic with the brand imprinted repeatedly in a banding pattern. It might feel cheap for some especially the price that Razer has set for such a keyboard. But it’s minor complaint. The keyboard overall doesn’t warp easily and solid, made of quality plastic all around.

The baseplate on the typing area is made of aluminium, which is a positive, at least there is some metallic material to add to that premium feel.

However, I do wish that the keyboard comes with dedicated directional keys. Currently, if you want to use the directional keys, you have to press the fn key and ‘I’,’J’,’K’,’L’ keys that serves as WASD keys. I didn’t realise how much I actually needed those keys when I couldn’t skip youtube videos or scrolling down a webpage or adjust my cursor while typing a few letters behind or forward. It’s a little bit inconvenient to always have to press the fn key and find the correct keys as WASD.

RGB lighting is great, although I do wish it could be brighter. The keycaps are black, so I guess you can only go so bright. Perhaps if I had gotten the white version, the lighting might be more pronounced.

The RGB can be controlled using Razer’s Synapse. You can do a lot of things using that app. You can remap the keys, add macros, and even add customised lighting down to the individual keys for the purpose of certain games or simply just for aesthetics.

Overall, I love 60% keyboards. Typing joy in a small form factor. And Razer’s super clicky switches just makes my fingers happy, whether I am gaming or typing out a document. This keyboard is seriously worth considering for those who lover clicky switches.

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