Eyeing my next luxury bag

It has been almost a year since I bought my leather Dunhill backpack. I have been using it for work on most occasions that remarkably, the back still hold up really well in terms of shape. Despite being all leather, the bag still looks almost like new with no visible blemishes on the surfaces of the leather.

I make efforts to really take care of the bag because 1) It is really expensive, costing close to S$2600. and 2) The leather is just gorgeous and supple, screaming with quality and it will be a shame if something were to happen to the leather. Despite the price, it was worth every penny. This bag is amazing.

Recently, another luxury bag has caught my attention. This time, it is from Louis Vuitton. It is not a backpack. Rather, it is a messenger bag. It’s medium sized, not one to hold folders, folios or stacks of paper. It is more suited for carrying oversized wallets, maybe a camera, sunglasses and even a tiny foldable umbrella.

The Louis Vuitton Outdoor Messenger bag with the special 3-tone Taiga leather stitched together is unlike anything I have seen before. From the outset, I was immediately intrigued.

The design is nothing groundbreaking, but the fact that they stitched three leather pieces of different colours in a V-shaped pattern, that is pretty groundbreaking. It really adds life to the bag in terms of color. It looks so much better than the single color offerings that Louis Vuitton has from the same lineup.

However, this bag is currently unavailable. Why unavailable? I simply do not know. Is it because it is no longer in production? Or is the demand for the bag is simply off the charts that they cannot keep up with production? Or is this a limited run design? I really do not know. I hope that stock becomes available soon.

So how much is this bag? Well, I dare say, it costs more than my Dunhill backpack and my backpack is much larger than this messenger bag. LV really put a price premium on their leather products. No doubt, taking into account their in-house artisans, making these leather products by hand. Regardless, this messenger bag is going for a whopping S$3200.

What are the odds that I will buy this bag? Very high but with a caveat. I am only interested in this design and not the monotone options that LV is offering. In other words, its either this, or nothing at all. So for now, I will need to find out stock availability for this bag. If it is true that this bag has reached the end of its production run and is no longer being sold, then as a consolation, I will have saved myself S$3200.

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