NVIDIA GPU shortage to persist throughout 2021

A article from The Verge, reported that supplies of GPU will outstrip demand throughout 2021. Yikes!

The constraint supply is not only affecting GPU makers, but most other industries that rely on chip making. This can be anything from desktop CPUs, mobile CPUs, and chips needed for wireless communication and even modern cars. These chip makers can only produce so much and have reached peak production capacity and still the hunger for more chips only grows. All thanks to the pandemic and the explosive demand for gadgets and devices needed to work and entertain ourselves at home. And, don’t forget about the cryptocurrency craze that is happening all throughout 2021. It has caused a serious imbalance of GPU supplies, sucking it up, leaving none for the gaming community.

I thought I was crazy when I was out hunting for a RTX 3080 back in November. It was extremely difficult to get my hands on one of them back then. I gave up refreshing websites, waiting for that buy button to lit up so that I can order it online. And not to mention, multiple online stores with different tabs opened up too. I was desperate. Until I came across an ad on Carousell, of someone wanting to sell his RTX3080 from his pre-built gaming rig.

It was strange at first. Why would someone want to sell the RTX 3080 that was assembled from his newly purchased gaming rig? Do you know how lucky you are to be able to get one in your gaming system? At that time, back in November, custom PC vendors had a greater likelihood of getting GPU stocks and they were more successful in keeping steady stocks for their pre-built system business.

My guess was that he wasn’t interested in the latest GPU in the system. He was fine with a RTX2080 that was still working perfectly fine. He was more likely cashing in on the whole scalper thing, selling the GPU at above retail price to make a quick buck. He did make a quick buck, as I had to pay about $300 bucks more. And what’s worse, it was already opened and used since it was built into his system. He simply removed it and repackaged it in the original box. However, he claimed that we switched on the computer and tested the system for about a few hours only and I took his word for it. In fact, he did repackaged it as if it was unopened. Kudos.

Anyway, I ended paying approximately $1500 just for the RTX 3080. Crazy expensive. But I consider myself lucky right now, especially with the supplies for GPU being so hard to find these days. And the drought, according to the report above, will last till the rest of 2021. If you look at eBay or Carousell, you sometimes see people selling the RTX 3080 for more than $2000! That’s insane! It really makes my purchase a bargain now.

I really do hope they find ways to increase supplies so that gamers like me will get to enjoy how awesome the RTX3080 truly is. I have seen gaming rigs that are beautiful assembled, but missing a graphics card on Reddit. It is just so sad that they have to go through the pain of waiting when they really shouldn’t.

For now I am just grateful to have one at home, and I am praying that nothing goes wrong with the graphics card during this period or I will be genuinely screwed as to finding a replacement.

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