Vinyl record of the week: OneRepublic – Native

I have been a long time fan of OneRepublic. They make such great music with meaningful and inspiring lyrics. Ever since their release of ‘Apologise’, their band has shot to fame all around the world. And the years since that release, they are still churning hit after hit after hit, not just for themselves, but for other singing artists as well. That’s because Ryan Tedder, the lead member of the band is also a prolific song writer, having written songs for Adele, Beyoncé, Jonas Brothers and many more, most of which are chart-topping hits.

So it’s little wonder that I have always find their songs uplifting and easy to listen. They are a pop rock band through and through. Very mainstream and likeable to even the most casual listeners.

Because of that, I always look for bands or music that are easy to listen to, uplifting and honest, and OneRepublic ticks all those easily. This album was release in 2013, almost 7 years ago, but their tracks are still great to listen to every now and then. Ryan Tedder’s vocal ability is powerful, versatile and most importantly, emotional, able to bellow out or whisper depending on the song, infusing it with emotion.

OneRepublic – Native

The vinyl I bought is a 2LP collection, featuring hits such as ‘Counting Stars’, ‘If I Lose Myself’, ‘Feel Again’, and lesser known tracks that are pleasant to listen to such as ‘Au Revoir’, and ‘Burning Bridges’. There is essentially something for everyone in this collection of songs and it is worth listening to every song in this album, from start to finish, making buying this vinyl a worthy buy.

Recently, OneRepublic is about to launch their new studio album, called ‘Human’. I am very excited to listen to their brand new songs. If most of the songs are great, I might consider this new album as part of my vinyl collection.

OneRepublic latest studio album, ‘Human’ coming out really soon.

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