Covid-19 shipping woes

With the pandemic surging all around the world, it has put the world of logistics into disarray. With passenger flights cancelled all over the world, goods bought online and shipped out to all corners of the globe face hurdles in getting into the hands of online shoppers. Without passenger flights, these parcels cannot get to their destination in a timely fashion.

I know this not because I read it on the news, but I am currently experience it myself. I have been buying my LPs online, mainly from the US and the UK and already, several weeks after placing my orders on the internet, and these items have not arrive at my doorstep yet. Shipping status is delayed or not updated for weeks at a time, with the items currently in limbo somewhere in some warehouse that is currently next to impossible to track.

It is frustrating, but understandable, considering the current situation we are facing right now. We are going through an unprecedented period right now where the effects of the pandemic has reached all corners of the world and affected every major industry.

I have a few LPs that I am so eagerly waiting for it to arrive, with the hopes that it isn’t totally lost in transit. If that were to happen, I will have to seek a replacement online and have the online retailer ship another copy of the LPs that were lost. Some of the titles that I am still currently waiting to arrive at my doorstep include Abba Gold, Metallica Black Album, and Pearl Jam, all of them highly anticipated titles and some of my most sought after titles.

I really hope that there is some movement in the shipping status in the coming days. I am officially moving to my new house sometime next week, with furniture all coming in ready and assembled for my room this weekend. By then, I can start bringing my belongings and settle into my room with my turntable (which is also arriving in the coming days) and all the LPs that have arrived so far, namely LPs from One Republic, Tears for Fears, Journey, Eagles, Echosmith, Queen, Michael, Jackson, and Duffy, just to name a few.

I can’t wait for my room to be settled in, so that I can truly enjoy some great music on vinyl.

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