Light at the end of the tunnel: Singapore enters Phase 2 of Circuit Breaker

After more than two months in Circuit Breaker mode (also known as a nationwide lockdown) to stem the spread of Covid-19. The Singapore Government announced a slew of new easing measures that will culminate in Phase 2 of Circuit Breaker.

Finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Restaurants and retail shops will open, and people are free to visit friends and relatives. However, it not completely back to business as usual. The number of people allowed to congregate and meet up in one place is still severely restricted, crowd control measures will be in place in public places and masks are still mandatory when going out. But even if it will take more time to full return to normal, these new measures are some of the best news I have heard in recent weeks.

Singapore have been fortunate that the numbers of new infections have been kept low for a number of weeks ever since Singapore entered Phase 1 of the Circuit Breaker. This means that wide community spread of Covid-19 hasn’t taken hold yet. Social distancing and the wearing of masks in public places have been effective in curbing the spread of Covid-19 within the community. We still see new infections spreading among foreign workers, especially those living in dormitories, but we haven’t seen new large clusters of Covid-19 spread since the Phase 1 of Circuit Breaker, indicating that new infections are being managed and confined to the current outbreak clusters.

It will be nice to once again window shop at malls, seeing the crowd at retail shops and restaurants once again. I am looking forward to the day when all social distancing measures are lifted.

One day at a time….

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