Exploring turntables and vinyl records

For the past few days I have been exploring and researching turntable and vinyl records. With the renovation of the new house underway, now that the circuit breaker has eased somewhat, it is slated to be completed in the first week of July.

Last week, I was reviewing the renovation plans, particularly for my room. I was trying to see how I could spruce up my room without adding more furniture and clutter to my new room. The new room is much smaller than the one I previously had, so I need to be efficient in the use of space while trying to make my room more homely and classy.

I decided that a turntable might do the trick. This will be the first time in my life to have ever start a vinyl record collection with a decent turntable and hi-fi speaker set that I could place in my room. At the end of it all, the capital investment in my new hobby wouldn’t amount to much. I will be getting a turntable from Sony, via Krishop, using my Krisflyer miles to redeem a turntable absolutely free. I have a pair of bookshelf speakers that I used as my computer speakers from Q-acoustics that I can use for the turntable.

The Q-acoustics 3010 passive bookshelf speakers. Clear and crisp sounds, great for small rooms. My only complaint is that the speakers could use a good bass boost, as I tend to prefer more bass in my music. But other than that, this pair of bookshelf speakers is good value for money for the audio quality it churns out.

I chose not to use the speakers as my computer speakers in the new house because my computer desktop is very small and my 27 inch dell monitor would probably take up most of the space on my desk. Add a keyboard, mouse, headphone stand and charging docks and most importantly, the actual computer rig, all that pretty much maxes out all available space. So in other words, I don’t have to buy a swanky new bookshelf speakers to pair it with the turntable. I will mostly likely be listening in my room and my room is small, so there is no need to spend on a brand new pair of good quality speakers.

With the money saved, I could buy more records, which is much more important than investing tons on speakers, which after all, the objective of having a turntable is to enjoy music. If you can’t afford a vinyl record, what is the point of having a turntable?

So the turntable in question that I will be redeeming using my Krisflyer miles is the Sony PS-LX310BT. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity which is awesome. This means that you can connect to any modern bluetooth enabled headphones or multi-room speakers while playing the vinyl record, without messy cables or being restricted to listening to just one room. I am looking forward to using the Bluetooth connectivity that is available in this turntable.

The turntable by Sony is simple looking with modern features such as Bluetooth connectivity, auto play and stop functions, so you don’t have to fiddle too much with the tonearm while trying to get the music started.

As for the vinyl records, I have short listed a few of my favourite and classics that are must-own for any budding vinyl record collection. They are in the gallery. What do you guys think of my initial selection?

I am pretty excited to kickstart my vinyl record collection. Now with the renovation underway, at least I have something to look forward to.

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