So I bought the AirPods… again

The last time I bought the AirPods, I returned it after a week. I bought it when it first launched in Singapore. It was cool, but new back then. Not many people had it at first and I wasn’t really into the idea of having a white earpiece dangling from both sides of my ears despite being technologically superior compared to other wireless earpieces out there on the market at the time.

But I returned it not because of its unfamiliarity in its use and how it looks on me. Somehow, the fit wasn’t just that fantastic. I have known that my ears aren’t exactly symmetrically and that is exactly the problem. One side is a poorer fit than the other, or that was how I perceived it to be. I love the sound. It could have been better for the price I was paying for, but you get tons of great technology packed into such a small device. But the less than stellar fit, which led to listening my songs with one side every slightly softer due to its poor fit led me to return the product after a week of use.

Fast forward today and I got myself the updated version of the AirPods. I bought it in New York, just as I was vacationing there and just when it was announced that the new AirPods were just about to make its way to consumers hands.

I must be crazy for me to buy the new AirPods when it is exactly the same in every shape and dimension as the older generation. The only truly welcoming feature is wireless charging of the AirPods case, which I can live without.

So I bought it and tried it on and strangely the fit was much better. Not perfect, but better. For some reason, both sides managed to fit in my ears better without slight variances in sound quality due to its overall fit.

The new AirPods costs more than the first generation one, mainly due to the wireless charging capabilities, but it is still relatively cheaper than buying one in Singapore. Since it has been a few years since the first AirPods were released, this thing has become quite ubiquitous and commonly used among the New Yorker elite. It has become and accepted device to wear in public that it has become part of every day device for more urbanites not just in New York, but around the world as well.

This time I have no regrets buying it and have no intention of ever returning it. The size and portability of the AirPods is a great thing to have despite the fact that many audio competitors are offering better sound at a cheaper price. But what they don’t have is the technological know-how to cram so many things into such a small device.

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