Morocco is more beautiful than I expected

I just came back from my two week trip to Morocco and I am absolutely floored by the sheer beauty of the country. I took so many photos of Morocco on my iPhone and it has become a joy looking at it through again.

My friends and I recently embarked on a two week trip to Morocco. We travelled far and wide within the country, travelling to famous cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, Tanger, Chefchaouen, Fes, Marrakech and the various desert towns all the way to the edge of the Sahara, where we had the opportunity to camp out for the night in tents.

Everywhere we go, we were simply awed by how beautiful and clean the city and landscape of Morocco is. Truly, the people of Morocco has a gift, a gift worth cherishing, and that is the sheer beauty of it all.

As we travel, the landscapes vary so much, from protected forests, bush lands, grasslands, deserts, and best of all, the mountains. Driving around the country, appreciating the beautiful and ever changing landscapes made the experience so much better.

I hope to find time to post some photos of my travels soon, the best ones I have taken. I am still suffering from jetlag and most of my photos are still in my phone. My body still feels off somehow. I need more rest in the coming days and give my body more time to adjust its body clock to Singapore time. For some reason I get tired easily and my energy levels have been low. But I feel better as the days go by. I was a little sick toward the end of the trip, low grade fever, and a really bad sore throat. My pain is literally painful every time I tried to swallow sometime. I have been popping lozenges every few hours and it seem to have worked. The pain is finally subsiding. My only concern is that the pain, as it goes away, doesn’t become an itch. If it does, it will be terribly difficult to sleep at night, trying to nurse my itchy throat constantly robbing me of sleep.

Morocco is truly special, now that I have experienced it and I think, my trip there has been one of the best travel experiences I have had so far in my life.

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