Less than one month to Yogyakarta!

Yogyakarta will be my first trip after a long travelling hiatus due to my post grad studies. Looking forward to the trip with my friends. The last time I had a vacation was sometime in March or April this year, when I went to Sydney.

This will be a short trip. A trip to rest and relax. I didn’t plan this holiday at all. My friends are doing most of the planning. So it will be interesting to just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey and be pleasantly surprised at what they have planned for this trip. It feels good to not do most of the planning for a vacation from time to time.

I do know roughly what we are going to do when we are there. Borobudur temple visit is mandatory as it is the touristic highlight over there. We are also going to the beach and try the rickety cable car thingy that we have seen on the travel blogs. I think we are also doing some caving which should be interesting as well.

It’s five days, I am pretty sure my friends have packed the itinerary to the brim during the five days over there. But I think it will still be a relaxing journey. We are after all staying at the Grand Hyatt, a fine five star resort hotel.

Absolutely looking forward to the trip.

And after that, New York. I still have to finalise the itinerary for that as well as the Morocco trip. Perhaps I will start doing my research sometime next week for both of the trips.

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