Guards of the Taj

I don't usually watch theatrical plays. The last time I went for one was at The Esplanade. I was watching the adaptation of the bestselling novel by Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night-time. That play was great. The set, the cast was all wonderfully done. My only regret was not... Continue Reading →

Less than one month to Yogyakarta!

Yogyakarta will be my first trip after a long travelling hiatus due to my post grad studies. Looking forward to the trip with my friends. The last time I had a vacation was sometime in March or April this year, when I went to Sydney. This will be a short trip. A trip to rest... Continue Reading →

Worry free first weekend.

It felt really good to not have to worry about assignments on a weekend. This is my first weekend in two where I can do whatever I want, without worrying about any impending deadlines. It felt so good to have such a free schedule ahead. Today, I completed watching the latest season of House of... Continue Reading →

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