New York Itinerary planning has begun

Last week I borrowed a couple of travel books for both Morocco and New York. Last weekend however, I had some time to go through those books, especially the New York one and started taking down some notes and places of interested that I must visit on my upcoming vacation to New York. Things are... Continue Reading →

Less than one month to Yogyakarta!

Yogyakarta will be my first trip after a long travelling hiatus due to my post grad studies. Looking forward to the trip with my friends. The last time I had a vacation was sometime in March or April this year, when I went to Sydney. This will be a short trip. A trip to rest... Continue Reading →

Heading to Sydney without an itinerary.

Now this is going to be interesting. My upcoming trip to Sydney will be my first solo trip without an itinerary. Yeap, that's right. I did not plan anything for my upcoming trip. The only thing that I planned was my flight, my accommodations, and one outdoor activity that I decided to book in advance... Continue Reading →

A shout-out to Nordic Visitor

For the past couple of months while planning our trip to Iceland, Nordic Visitor has been extremely helpful in giving us advice, tips and most importantly, assisting us in booking our accommodations, car rental and activities for our trip. Without them, planning our itinerary would have been much more difficult. They were extremely helpful in... Continue Reading →

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