Guards of the Taj

I don’t usually watch theatrical plays. The last time I went for one was at The Esplanade. I was watching the adaptation of the bestselling novel by Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night-time. That play was great. The set, the cast was all wonderfully done. My only regret was not getting the more expensive ticket so that I could be closer to the stage and be closer to the action and the visual spectacle that came with the production.

This time, I am going to another one, called Guards of the Taj. Written by Rajiv Joseph, it tells of a dark comedic tale of the myth surrounding the Taj Mahal from the perspective of two Guards who were tasks to guard the monument mere hours just before the big unveiling. The play reaches a turning point as the guards are ordered to do the unimaginable and their friendship tested to their limits. This play will be staged in Singapore for the first time starting November 14. I am watching this coming Wednesday and I can’t wait to see what dark secrets the Taj Mahal has in store for the audience and how the two guards react to them.

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