Robin Hobb: Fool’s Quest, Book II for the Fitz and the Fool Trilogy

It took me a while to complete this 800 page tome. In between work and studies the past year or so, progress on this book has been painstakingly slow. But I have reached the end of this book and as usual, another truly enjoyable epic fantasy. I lost count exactly how many of Robin Hobb’s books I have read over the years, but judging from my old blog post, I mentioned her as an author back in 2003. In other words, I have been reading her books, slowly but surely, for the past 15 years!

For the past 15 years I have followed the adventures of FitzChivalry and courts of Buckkeep with all its intrigues in all the books she has written. So many wonderful characters filled those pages, characters that grew with me all these years. I still have one more book to conclude this trilogy. Called Assassin’s Fate, I will begin reading this book probably next year, as I have other books in my list of ‘to read’ yearning for my attention, books that I have put off reading for far too long.

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