New Year Resolutions 2017

Fitness Goals

  •  Get a silver in my next IPPT (Deadline: April 2017)
  •  Get my 2.4km run to under 11 minutes.
  •  Go out and run 3 times a week. No excuses. Walk if you are severely unmotivated. Just get out of the house and do some exercise.
  •  Eat more fruits and vegetables.


Financial Goals

  • Save minimum S$12 000 for the year. That works out to be S$1000 a month.
  • Second milestone of S$15 000 savings for the year. The works out to be S$1250 a month.
  • Impose a moratorium on PC upgrades.
  • Do not be impulsive. If you are itching to buy something expensive, wait 72 hours before deciding.
  • If you need to buy something expensive, make sure you are happy with your purchase.


Academic Goals

  • Get at least a B+ in all my grades.
  • Get at least a B+ in all my assignments.
  • Be proactive in all my assignments and tasks needed to be done in school.
  • Don’t be afraid to just ask when in doubt.


Career Goals

  • Learn more about careers in communication and science communication.
  • Establish contacts with people in A*STAR Corporate Communication.
  • Establish contacts with people in A*STAR Office of Science, Communication and Archives.


Habit Forming Goals

  • Work before play.
  • When in work, work hard, go all in.
  • When in play, play hard, go all in.
  • Never ever be late for school lectures.


Reading Goals

  • Read 12 books in a year.
  • Less books to read, but diligently read The Economist, The New York Times, and The New Yorker
  • Adopt active reading. Take notes through OneNote on the articles that I read on The Economist and New Yorker.


General Well-Being and Miscellaneous

  • Get enough sleep, at least 7 hours each day.
  • Laugh more, smile more.
  • Never neglect your friends and family. Be there for them when they call for you.
  • Reduce social media addiction.

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