Speaking of memory lane

I have been keeping a journal and writing my thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout all these years. I've never kept a traditional journal where you wrote stuff with a physical journal book. I grew up in an era of the internet and while it was the early years where the noisy , 28.8kpbs modems were... Continue Reading →

I miss school. Alot.

Now that I am officially a student again (graduate student), I eagely look forward to my night classes on mondays and wednesdays every week. Everytime I walk through the campus and on to my faculty of science bulding, I am constantly hit by pangs of nostalgia. Even though I was an NTU undergrad, seeing those... Continue Reading →

I was featured in the Straits Times

So this morning, as I was waking up, I got a pleasant suprise from a friend of mine. He texted me of an article that he read in the Home section of the Straits Times newspaper. The headline read; "Freeing 'Butterfly Children' from pain. The news article featured a picture of me with the rest... Continue Reading →

2017 is gonna be exciting

Now that I have written my new year's resolutions for 2017, I must say, 2017 is going to be exciting. I am starting school again, becoming a graduate student at NUS and working at the same time. It's going to be hectic, which means less TV, less video games, less everything. But I am going... Continue Reading →

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