What if?

Toying with the whole notion of “what if’s”, what if, I am rich, not terribly rich, but rich enough to spare thousands of dollars on a luxury watch? What kind of watch would I get?

I love my Tissot Visodate which was featured on my blog a few days ago. I bought at around SGD 750 at an official Tissot store and it came with a 10% discount. The discount was unexpected and the fact that it came with it was a bonus. My first ever mechanical watch that is automatic with a clear, crystal sapphire back that allows one to see the movement of the watch. Nothing fancy, yet, it was a watch that I truly adore due to its simplicity, and subtle design that is both eye catching and easy to miss.

So if I have cash to spare, what would be my next luxury watch? I am not a watch aficionado. Some watches are truly to die for, but they are too expensive, and it is not something you would wear it on a daily basis. So looking for a watch that I can wear comfortable everyday, without looking pretentious, I have my eyes (and heart, for it is truly gorgeous to me) on the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch.


Isn’t it gorgeous? This is the exact colour scheme that I would buy and wear, complete with the leather strap that I prefer, over the stainless steel one. Price: A cool SGD7800 (give or take). That is 1000% more expensive than the Tissot Visodate. Of course, Omega being Omega, this is truly the watch for the upper class echelons.

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