No coffee during Ramadan can be brutal

So Ramadan is upon us. And that means I have to fast. I am not a particularly religious person and it is not unusual for me to not fast the full 30 days that is required during Ramadan. But I try my best.

It’s been a couple of years since I started working full time. And over time since then, I have come to rely on coffee (black) for a little pick me up. It gives me the added boost to get through the day. Not that my work is particularly exhausting or stressful. But sometimes when you need to feel inspired or you need that extra drive to complete the tasks for the day, coffee is a great way to get it done.

Ramadan, means no coffee. And it can be brutal. It is bad enough to feel hungry throughout the day, your energy level plummets. You feel less active in an effort to save energy. But without coffee, everything is made worse. The day seems to drag on. That sluggish feeling lasts the whole day, clinging onto your like some parasite. The snooze monster hovers just above you, ever watching, waiting to pounce on to you, dozing you off in front of your desk. Before long, you had to stand up and walk about my lab, to shake it off.

No coffee. So bad.

But hey, I’m looking at the bright side here. I am on a coffee detox, and hopefully after Ramadan, I won’t have to depend on coffee as much as I would like to. You gotta admit though, the smell of a cup of joe, just perks you up all the time.


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