Last week I successfully convinced my dad to get a new TV in the living room. We were in the process of doing some spring cleaning for the upcoming Hari Raya. We were trying to tidy the living room space, especially the TV console, where the wires all around were beginning to be an eyesore. At the same... Continue Reading →

WWDC 2016

There is only one thing that I am interested in. New MacBook Pros! I have a feeling that they will not reveal any hardware this year at WWDC. Rumours on new MacBook Pros have been sparse lately, except for the fact that it might come out with a snazzy little OLED panel display at the top... Continue Reading →

What if?

Toying with the whole notion of "what if's", what if, I am rich, not terribly rich, but rich enough to spare thousands of dollars on a luxury watch? What kind of watch would I get? I love my Tissot Visodate which was featured on my blog a few days ago. I bought at around SGD... Continue Reading →

Vera Farmiga

  I don't usually write profiles of actors or actresses on my blog and it might be the first of many to come. First up, I want to talk about Vera Farmiga. Vera Farmiga is currently starring as Norman Louise Bates in Bates Motel. Now in its fourth season, the story is actually a prequel... Continue Reading →

1001th post!

After publishing my post about the PC Show. I received a notification from WordPress that it was my 1000th post. 1000th! Never would I have imagined reaching that milestone. All those years of blogging on and off throughout my life (15 years worth of blogs) have finally reached this point. 1000th post. Wow. Just wow.... Continue Reading →

PC Show come and gone

Yesterday I went to the PC show. It was crowded, but not overly so. Surprisingly, it was walkable and I rarely had to squeeze among the throng of crowds. Held in Expo halls 5 and 6, I was impressed by the M1 booth. It was huge. I cannot remember the last time the M1 was... Continue Reading →


1Gbps. That's the speed I am getting from MyRepublic. This would be the first time trying out MyRepublic Broadband services, after being on the Singtel camp for close to 10 years. It's that time of the year where I am eligible to re-contract my broadband services and that means time to shop around for the... Continue Reading →

Tissot Visodate

The first mechanical watch I ever owned. The Tissot Visodate. I had it for close to three months now and I love it to death. It barely leaves my wrist during waking hours and I can stare at it for a long time, mesmerised by the smooth, sweeping mechanism of the second hand as it... Continue Reading →

Watching Tech Review Videos taught me a lot of things

I have been watching a lot of tech review videos on YouTube. Channels such as LinusTechTips, Jonathan Morrison, Hardware Unboxed, Hardware Canucks are just some of many channels out there on YouTube that delivered excellent videos on the latest tech reviews, PC builds, gadget unboxing and more. Most of them are short, entertaining and informative.... Continue Reading →

Had a couple of drinks

Had a couple of drinks with my colleagues tonight. Apparently one of my colleague's friend opened a bar and restaurant in the heart of Raffles Place, and we were treated to some good food and fine cocktails. I had the chili burger, that comes with handmade minced beef patty with a dollop of chili, and... Continue Reading →


To blog about one's reservist experience, one has to be careful not to divulge too many things that went on during reservist training. For me, I had just completed my second cycle and while trying not to divulge in too many details in what I did, let's just say I recently went through a high... Continue Reading →

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