1Gbps. That’s the speed I am getting from MyRepublic. This would be the first time trying out MyRepublic Broadband services, after being on the Singtel camp for close to 10 years.

It’s that time of the year where I am eligible to re-contract my broadband services and that means time to shop around for the best deals in broadband services based on my needs. I have no qualms with Singtel, but lately, Singtel broadband promotions aren’t that really attractive anymore, and it makes it overly complicated when they try so hard to bundle other services that are largely useless to me, such as Mio TV, Netflix, free this, free that (when it not exactly free, only for a short period of time) when I just want good, decent, respectable broadband connections. Is it so difficult to get it, without paying a premium on top of all the bundled pricing?

And another major deal breaker for me: Customer Service staff not knowing their products or services. I enquired about the PCShow promotion that Singtel was having regarding the 1Gbps fibre broadband bundled with MioTV and a 6-month Netflix subscription. I asked a few questions regarding the use of handset rebate vouches and and the type of routers Singtel would be installing (if any) if I were to re-contract my existing broadband to the new promotional subscription price. Sadly to say, the customer service staff on the line were very ill informed about all these, and I had to put on hold over the line several times while he went off to find the required information. Maybe they wouldn’t have to try so hard if your subscription aren’t that complicated to begin with.

MyRepublic on the other hand, is simple. Subscribe, get a rebate on the choice of router, pay for one-time installation fee, bill via credit card. End. That’s all. No fuss, no obligatory attached services you don’t need or want. No hidden cost, no change in pricing after one year into your subscription (unlike Singtel with all those small print, and complex terms and conditions). At the end of the day, I get a cheaper broadband subscription because I just want broadband, nothing else. I went down to one of the MyRepublic reseller store at a mall and the sole retail staff manning the store was confident and knowledgeable on the services offered, technical issues pertaining to switching telcos, installation procedures, and other billing matters. And just like that, I immediately signed up on the spot in the store.

I have scheduled the MyRepublic guys and OpenNet to check on the fibre infrastructure and make sure I everything is in order before the actual broadband set-up and router installation. I should be able to start using MyRepublic by the third week of June. Fingers crossed. I hope I can get better, and more stable broadband connection from MyRepublic than I had with Singtel. Not that there is anything wrong with Singtel, but if MyRepublic can do a better job, then, colour me impressed.

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