1001th post!


After publishing my post about the PC Show. I received a notification from WordPress that it was my 1000th post. 1000th! Never would I have imagined reaching that milestone. All those years of blogging on and off throughout my life (15 years worth of blogs) have finally reached this point. 1000th post. Wow. Just wow.

As a matter of fact. This WordPress URL that I use for this blog didn’t go that far back in time. All the posts in this blog was actually the result of multiple blogs I kept over the years. The different blogs that I kept over time also marked the different phases of my life. From when I started Secondary school, to my life as a Polytechnic Student, and on to my University life at NTU. There is a 2 year gap, which represented my National Service days, which I went on a blogging hiatus, because I didn’t have time or anything substantial to write about (National Service is a sensitive topic to discuss and share on the World Wide Web). A few years ago, I decided to combine everything under one roof. I migrated all my posts from the other blogs to this one you see here. So, yes while I have been blogging and writing for the past 15 years (since I started Secondary School), this address is fairly new.

I am grateful to be given the tools to migrated all my posts from my other blogs to this one here. I can finally keep it all in one place without risking it being deleted due to inactivity, or the inability to retrieve the website after losing my username and password.

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