WWDC 2016

There is only one thing that I am interested in.

New MacBook Pros!

I have a feeling that they will not reveal any hardware this year at WWDC. Rumours on new MacBook Pros have been sparse lately, except for the fact that it might come out with a snazzy little OLED panel display at the top of the keyboard, just beneath the screen. How rad is that? Other than that, no one knows anything at the moment. And now that WWDC is just around the corner, I am quite certain I will be disappointed.

Still I am wiling to sacrifice some sleep to watch the live stream of WWDC, happening in just under an hour. Fingers crossed, really hard for some hard announcements. I really need to upgrade my MacBook Air. Its long overdue.

Cmon Apple, time to surprise us. Use your magic thingy to wow and dazzle us!

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