Yesterday, a old but distant friend posted an old class photo taken during our primary school days. I think it was when we were primary 6. It featured everyone in our class including our form teacher whom we all loved and it brought back wonderful memories. For many years now I have been trying to... Continue Reading →

New Zealand first day driving tour

After a whopping 11 hour flight, 3 different airport and 2 stopovers, I finally reached Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand. We checked into our hotel shortly after getting our Nissan X-trail 4WD SUV from Europcar. The car is really new, only having driven on 3000km on the road. I love the car.... Continue Reading →

New Zealand

Barely a month and I'm off for another holiday. Korea was great, but the highlight has got to be my upcoming New Zealand trip. Home of Middle Earth, where precious treasures like Lembas Bread, the One Ring, and the Arkenstone can be found. Nah I'm just kidding. I'm going to both islands with a driving... Continue Reading →

Food poisoning saga

I had food poisoning just 2 days before my most anticipated holiday trip to Korea a month back. I was looking forward to my trip when food poisoning struck me down. Hard. Getting food poisoning in singapore is quite rare. I cannot remember the last time I ate outside and had a bad tummy ache.... Continue Reading →

App in the Air

I came across a new¬†travel app for the iOS¬†called "App in the Air'. It basically keeps track of all your air travels you have ever done in your life. What you do is simple: Just key in basic information such as airline, flight number and date of flight and it will automatically find the correct... Continue Reading →

I ran after a month long hiatus

After my recent entry on NOT been running for the entire month, it got me reflecting that I should just start my running routine and not wait till after my New Zealand trip. I thought I would be spent after the run, but remarkably, I still keep to within acceptable timings, and I feel good!... Continue Reading →

Ethnotek bags

I had great fun in Korea. Me and my friends were on a 10 day vacation to Jeju island and Seoul and while I was doing some shopping in Myeongdong, one of the popular shopping districts in Seoul, I came across a gorgeous looking bag from Ethnotek. I never heard of the brand before but... Continue Reading →

Nexus 7 2014 tablet; 7 months on

I bought the nexus 7 tablet more than half a year back. It was cheap, and it was at that time the all-round best performing android tablet. Even I'm a hardcore Apple fan, I gave the iPad a miss due to several reasons. One, being that I foresee myself not using the tablet as often... Continue Reading →

The iMac with Retina Display

A couple of days ago, I walked into an Apple store and got a chance to physically look at the iMac with Retina Display. All those first impressions that you read online on how gorgeous the screen looks were 100% accurate. It's that gorgeous and the screen totally sucks you in. You can't tear your... Continue Reading →

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