Bellroy Card Sleeve

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Ever since I started my first full time job after graduation, I have been pondering on getting a credit card. For years, I’ve had the UOB debit card and now that I have a stable income, it would be nice to own a credit card. For months I have been researching on two cards that I have zoomed in on getting. The UOB One Credit Card and the Citibank Dividend Credit card. But it was a terribly hard decision to make. Each have its own perks and privileges that sometimes overlap one another, yet totally in contrast. In the end, I decided to get both instead. I can use either one of them depending on my spending habits and the perks that I could take advantage of from time to time.

Now that I would be getting 2 additional cards, my current Gucci cardholder that my parents got from me while on their Europe vacation suddenly seemed insufficient to hold all the cards that I carry daily. Sure, I could get a proper wallet, but I am a sucker having my wallets be as slim as possible and I just hate carrying bulky wallets that can be seen through the front pocket of my jeans. I have the OCBC ATM card, the Starbucks card, the UOB direct debit card, my Passion Card that serves as my EZ-link card, and my ID card. That is 5 cards for 4 slots and it is already jam packed with no room for 2 more credit cards. And don’t forget all the bills that I carry around. There simply isn’t enough room.

Here comes the wallet that would solve my problem. In order to maintain the slim profile that I have always enjoyed while carrying the card holder around, Bellroy line of wallets and card sleeves are the solution to avoiding that bulky wallets most of us carry, while at the same time allowing you to carry lots of cards. The card sleeve wallet hold 2 to 8 cards with cash bills into a terrific slim profile in luxurious leather and quality stitching. Its a very simple wallet with 3 pockets. 2 of them are in the exterior part of the wallet used to house cards that are meant for daily use, while the main middle compartments houses your other cards that are less often used or access in addition to any cash bills that can be folded 3 ways and slotted in smoothly. A leather ‘tongue’ protrudes out so that it can be pull out and along all the cards stored in the middle compartment for easy access.

The leather feels really good and of high quality. I am particularly impressed with the low impact, well thought out packaging when you buy their wallets. It’s extremely environmentally friendly, while at the same time strikingly handsome that you can’t help it but feel that the price of wallet you paid for includes the handsome packaging that comes along with it. I will definitely keep the packaging because it looks so well made, even though it is simply meant to store just store your wallet. The entire packaging philosophy just oozes with Apple’s philosophy that customer satisfaction even comes from the joy unwrapping their goods for the very first time.

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