American Idol and what Mankind can possibly do to the world.

I have been following the first few episodes of the latest American Idol, now in its ninth season. Itwas hilarous to see some of the worst and most outrageous singing auditions in the history of television. But while watching, it dawned upon something that I never really thought of much, but at the same time, a good observation that parallels between American Idol and what the psyche and consciousness of the people can potentially do to the world.No doubt American Idol is the most popular reality show on earth. In its ninth season it has gotten bigger and bigger and understandably, it stems from the fact that such a show, could change someone’s life forever.That life changing moment is so attractive and tens and thousands are willing to take part in the show. This is illustrated by the fact that the past winners, were actually ordinary people living ordinary lives and now are famous throughout the world. The show has given the people from across the US a platform for them to shine and make a shot to fame. Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, if not for the show, we would never have known that they existed at all.

But just zoom out a little bit. Sure it was grueling. The process was harsh and it has to be, American Idol is like boot camp. There is no other platform out there that is able to shoot someone to fame in less than a year, much less it took to run an entire season of American Idol, have a recording contract, release it at the end of the year, and peaking at the Billboard Charts. But who exactly made them famous? It’s a no brainer. The people. The audience that watches the show, the fans, calling the lines, voting for them, millions of them every week. Should the performers deliver, votes will come in, as simple as that. Looking at the very essence of the voting process and you suddenly realize the simplicity of it all. The psyche and consciousness of the masses of an entire nation rooting for not just the person, but also the talent, the personality, and also the ideal representation of the ‘perfect’ Idol, can transform a person’s life completely. Such change, is unimaginable to grasp for that one person who would ultimately win.

Take Kris Allen for example. Born in 1985, simple humble background. Ordinary family, married to a simple lady, religious but not very. Tried the auditions, and he was virtually lost in the midst of it all having very little screentime, till toward the end of the show. And oh he shined towards the finale. And now he has a record under his belt and is doing really well. All within a year. Adam Lambert, same thing. Simple background, did some singing, performances, musicals, had a shot in the auditions, and Bam! Sang a song specially for the movie 2012, a record and stellar sales.

In essence, what I’m trying to say here, is that mankind in general has the ability to change the world. Given the right circumstances, a catalyst, by honing our consciousness toward a particular problem, we can make drastic changes for a better future. Why can’t we direct out efforts to support the Copenhagen Climate Change treaty? Why cant we do something about climate change, global warming, as one people? How about world peace? Is it because we are distracted by other issues? Are we simply ignorant, just leaving up to the governmental agencies to deal with the problem when in fact we can do so much as an individual. We have the will, and we arent making use of it. If millions of people are willing to be glued to the screen and phone every week to vote for their idol just to change their lives, im sure we can make that little effort to shout out to the world that, yes we can make the world a better place. Imagine every single human being doing something for a common cause, we can do wonders to not just change a person, but the entire world. Or perhaps back someone up who would deliver on the promise of changing the world.

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