Anticipating a sense of emptiness when I complete watching Money Heist

In the last few weeks, I have grown increasingly fond of the characters from Money Heist. Spain’s groundbreaking, intentionally renown Netflix series, spanning four seasons, is approaching it’s end. At least for me. I have been following the show, slowly but surely. I tried not to binge watch the series, for I know I will feel a profound sense of emptiness when I finished watching the entire series.

It’s an incredible feat for a series that started on Spain’s national TV to climbed onto the world stage, liked by an audience that spans the entire globe. And I am no exception. I am in the second half of season four and the show, is without doubt one of my favourite so far.

Characters like Berlin, Tokyo, Professor, Lisbon, Palermo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Nairobi, Rio, and other will be remembered for years down the road. The actors who have played them have grown famous literally overnight the moment Netflix bought the series for the global audience. It is not every day you hear a group of spanish actors and actresses reaching a level of fame that was once reserved to Hollywood artists. They are without doubt more famous when most Hollywood actors at the height of the show’s popularity. They have become more than an international icon, but a pop-culture reference.

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