Things to look forward to after the Circuit Breaker ends

With a circuit breaker lasting two months and a gradual lifting of circuit breaker measures, life will not immediately go back to normal. In fact life may forever be altered with the pandemic raging across the world. Contact tracing, regular testing and sporadic outbreaks of new Covid-19 clusters will be the new norm moving forward.

But regardless, with the circuit breaker lasting two months, there are many things that I look forward to when the measures are gradually lifted.

1. Going out to restaurants with friends and family.

It’s been a while since I went to an actual restaurant and dined inside the premises. I am looking forward to that, especially spending time with friends and colleagues after work or during the weekends.

2. Spending a lazy afternoon chilling at a cafe.

Whether it’s just me myself or with a group of friends, I’d like the opportunity to spend a lazy afternoon over a good cup of coffee and brunch at a cafe and just hangout. I miss those moments where I could cafe hop on a weekend and try out new cafes all over Singapore.

3. Shopping at malls.

With the shops mostly closed at all major shopping centres, I’d like to just window shop when the circuit breaker measures are lifted. You know, support the local economy and give a minor boost to retail. Shopping malls are like the bread and butter of Singapore’s retail landscape. I’d like to buy new basic T-Shirts to replace my old ones, a new pair of sneakers perhaps and other stuff to pamper myself after enduring a 2-month ‘lockdown’

4. Writing my blog or doing light work at a Starbucks Cafe.

I used to do that quite often every weekend before the circuit breaker measures were imposed. With my trusty iPad Pro, I will order black coffee and a croissant, while leisurely catch-up on my emails and read the day’s news headlines from The New York Times, or The Washington Post or read articles from The New Yorker. This is something I most look forward to when the measures are finally lifted. I don’t care whether we have to wear a mask or not, so long as I could hang out at the cafe while maintaining my distance to other people.

5. Ya Kun Breakfast on a Sunday.

Without fail, Ya Kun breakfast on a Sunday. My most treasured Sunday morning routine has been upended by the Covid-19 pandemic. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and very soon, I will be able to return to my usual Sunday morning routine.

6. Travel

The big motherload. The ability to travel once again. With the current pandemic, air travel have literally collapsed. Even our renown Changi Airport is forced to close 2 of its 4 terminals to save cost. Getting the travel industry back up and running again is going to take a long time. I don’t think I can travel anytime soon in this climate, especially not in 2020, seeing how other countries are still struggling to keep their infection rates in their own countries down, and seeing how Singapore is being overly cautious in importing new Covid-19 cases from overseas and infecting the local community, undoing months of effort in keeping the spread in check. Even if there are opportunities to go for holiday in a foreign country, it may no longer be seamless and painless anymore. Health declarations, health checks, quarantining measures will definitely be in place depending on the policies of your destination, and this will surely put a dampener in your eagerness to travel. The trouble may not be worth it.

For now, I guess we have to be grateful for a couple of things. As of today, I am still healthy and well and I can actually enjoy most of these little pleasures in life that I used to enjoy all at the comfort of my home, albeit in a stale and somewhat boring and lonely setting at times.

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