Writing is therapeutic

It helps me to keep me sane, in times like this. Especially when I need to gather my thoughts, pick up the pieces where I have left off, and chart my course into the future. A better future. Hopefully.

It’s been a week since I officially ORD. I have been doing well, so far. Nothing much has happened this past week. I went Kinokuniya to buy some self help books that would get me back on track after the turmoil that happened in recent weeks. I bought books on how to improve your mindset on the things that you do, shoring up positive thinking about life in general. Taking things slow, relook at things from a different perspective. Basically incubating, shutting myself from the outside world a short period of time. To gain some measure of peace and serenity. To find my center basically. I still have a long way to go. I think now at this stage, I’m starting to get ready to face the outside world again. Slowly eeking out, reaching out and eventually come up with an attack plan to really seize any opportunities that are waiting for me out there. I am not ready now, I will be ready soon. It’s been tough. Sometimes I wish I could just drop everything, travel the world, meet new people. But I can’t. It’s not very practical now. I need to be practical, pragmatic about the things I do from now on.

I also bought books on writing killer resumes that would hopefully increase my chances in snapping up my dream job. Also, I borrowed a book from a good friend of mine, a popular book of reference for job hunters and career changes. This book has sold millions and is updated annually to keep up with the current job conditions out there. It offers tips on how to discover what you are truly passionate about, how to land a job that you would ultimately be happy with and giving tips and pointers on how to deal with interviews and stuff. I hope this book would help me to discovery for myself just what kind of job and career would truly be satisfying for me and use that as a guidepost to work my way through it.

Now that I have mentioned it, I have been hooked to this classic song by Guns N’ Roses, November Run. Running at almost 9 minutes long. I love this song every since it came out in the 90s.



There is a particular line in the lyrics that really resonates inside of me.

Everybody needs some time
On their own
Don’t you know you need some time all alone

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