National Geographic magazine app



The National Geographic magazine app is my favourite app for the iPad. I am huge fan of Nat Geo and I subscribed to their magazine for several years way back when I was young. This time, the app allows your to read the Nat Geo magazine all at the comfort of your iPad. It offers subscriptions, around SGD 39 a year, giving you access to 12 issues, or around SGD 3.90 on a monthly basis. Why is this my favourite app for iPad?  The magazine is totally interactive.

Unlike some magazine apps, the Nat Geo magazine that you download for your iPad is a total revamped, different from the printed edition, and  it is optimised to take advantage of the full range of interactivity you can get out of reading the magazine through the iPad. Each issue, as you download them, is choked full of interactive features. You can zoom in at pictures, interact with maps and visualisations, contain lots of videos within each issue that you don’t get out of a traditional magazine. Recently, it even comes with audio narration of several articles in the magazine itself, often narrated by the writer of the article themselves. Listening to them read the text for you, is a great alternative than just reading it. The pictures are gorgeous on the iPad and the format is optimised to the dimensions of the iPad. Everytime a new issue is released, it automatically downloads it to your iPad and the magazine cover is fully animated, rather than static. Everytime I open the magazine to read, I am thoroughly immersed and focused on the content that is in front of me. And it is so much cheaper than buying the magazine on newsstands.

If you think that the digital magazine only filled with “PDF” version of the printed magazine itself, you are wrong. Just try subscribing a month’s worth of subscription and you will be amaze at what the iPad version of the magazine has to offer. It offers so much more at such a great price. This magazine is truly worth subscribing for reading on the iPad.

Other magazine app worth checking out are Wired, The Economist, TRVL, The New Yorker, Time.


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