Aveda rosemary mint shampoo

I have been to this salon several times now and he always used this rosemary mint scented shampoo by Aveda. I liked it a lot and so I decided to get one for myself. On my last visit he diagnosed my scalp as oily and because of that, it clogs the scalp, which causes some... Continue Reading →

Loving my Manhattan Portage

Finally bought a Manhattan Portage Mini NY Messenger bag and I am loving every bit of it. RetailingĀ at SGD 79.90, it is a little pricey given its size, but it is super practical to bring it with you where ever you go. You see, I like to travel light. While bringing a backpack is all... Continue Reading →

My throat hurts

This haze caused by the Sumatran forest fire that has been affecting Singapore and neighbouring country Malaysia is taking a toll on me. My throat is starting to hurt from all the ash and smoke and the small particulates in the air. This morning I woke up with a super dry and painful throat. It... Continue Reading →

Serving my remaining 41 days in NS

I was packing and preparing my bag and stuff to bring before reporting in for the first day of 41 days of serving my remainder of my NS. It felt like I was packing for a camping trip. I don't know how I feel about this whole experience. After studying for 4 years in NTU,... Continue Reading →

WWDC, MacBook Pro and Air refresh

WWDC 2013 is just around the corner and rumours have been flying front, left, right and centre on what exactly is in store in the upcoming keynote speech. However, one things for sure is that they will begin to unveil iOS 7 which is touted to be the version of iOS that would make sweeping... Continue Reading →

A breakdown of my grades

So now that I have officially completed my study in NTU, having fulfilled and completed all modules that are required to graduate. Allow me to break it down for you my grades and tally the number of modules I get for each respective grade. Here they are: Tally A+ 3 A 1 A- 9 B+... Continue Reading →

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