5 more days to ORD

It’s been 4 yeas in the making, and finally I get to officially say that I am ORDing. After disrupting from NS to continue my studies in NTU, I haven’t gone back to serve my remaining 40 or so days of NS during that four year period on summer break. Not until I completed my entire studies did I actually went back and serve.

It has been an interesting 40 or so days. I went back to my unit, which promptly attached me to another unit where I would be a section commander for a bunch of recruits who just completed their Tekong BMT training for 4 weeks. Now they undergo a continuation of their BMT training but with their vocational training added in to the mix. It’s something new to me. Mainly for the fact that it was the first time I heard such BMT training taking place at two different places and also being a section commander, with no prior command training, as I am merely a specialist.

It’s been exhausting. I have never done such things before. Everything was new to me. Hell, the entire experience was new to me. But along the way, I have met and known some really great people along the way. Other section commanders who after only merely weeks of knowing them, I felt like I have known them for years. It has been an honour getting to know them as friends. Coming back to serve at this point of time, have largely been a blessing, especially more so after the whole scholarship saga. It has helped me to keep myself distracted after what I have been through. And it kept me occupied, distracting myself from thinking too much about it, waiting for the outcome, only to be turned down in the end. If not for the resumption of disruption from NS, I would have been bored sick out of my mind waiting for the outcome known, and only to be severely disappointed when the results came out that I was not offered one. So in short, it has allowed me to keep me distracted and not think too much about the scholarship.

But I only have 5 more days left before I officially ORD, and I will definitely miss my new found friends. After what we have been through, helping each other along the way, it kinda pains me to know that our relationship have been extremely brief. It’s kinda sad for me to not know more about them, to not be part of something bigger in their lives. But I know for the fact that they have truly opened up my eyes to fresh perspective. I have as much to learn from them, as they have to learn from me, considering the age gap between me as a graduate and them as NS boys. I can only wish them the best in whatever that they will be doing in the future. Being part of their family, is really the best experience I had during this short period.

I learn so much in the short period of time I have been given. Sure, going back to serve sucks, but what makes it truly memorable are the people around you. They are ones that share each other’s burdens. And when you look back at each day that has ended, when we look at each other’s eyes, we know it has been a job well done, without saying it loud to each other. And that is the beauty of this entire experience. I have embraced it as much as I can, learning new stuff, making new friends. And because of this, I am not embarrassed to say that a small part of me wished to stay on and continue this journey, just because of them.

I hope the final five days would be the best there is to offer. My only hope is to end it with a bang. To enjoy and have a little R&R with my new fiends after the graduation ceremony for the recruits has ended.

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