I have completed my post grad studies.

Two years. Two years as a part-time post grad student, working and studying at the same time. For two years I hunkered down, bit the bullet and made the arduous journey of completing my studies and finally getting my Master's degree from NUS. Two long years. Sacrifices were made, Something had to give. Now that... Continue Reading →

5 more days to ORD

It's been 4 yeas in the making, and finally I get to officially say that I am ORDing. After disrupting from NS to continue my studies in NTU, I haven't gone back to serve my remaining 40 or so days of NS during that four year period on summer break. Not until I completed my... Continue Reading →

Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day

This afternoon I went to the Pan-Pacific Hotel, where they held the Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day. Having gone through a similar seminar and exhibition that showcases UK Universities, it was another fruitful day learning about the postgraduate courses on offer from several Australian Universities.   I now have a range of... Continue Reading →

The next chapter of my life

My time in NTU is about to end. I'm living my final days of my final semester doing my final year project. Soon I would ¬†embark on another chapter of my life that could potentially be life changing and perhaps exciting. I have been considering my options, and one of them is to continue my... Continue Reading →

Final Year in School

I would never have imagined myself going through my final year as if only a month has passed by when I first started my school life in NTU. Everything is travelling at lightspeed and I am still playing catch up. First semester, first week has come and gone¬† and these are the modules that I... Continue Reading →


So I went for the INSTEP Talk today. It simply stands for International Student Exchange Program for NTU students. The talk was 2 hours long and it was highly insightful. The talk is mandatory for those who wish to spend a semester in an overseas university. As an exchange student, you will be studying at... Continue Reading →

Exam Results!!!

So how did I fare this semester?Outstanding! This semester's results blew my expectations away! I did not expect getting 3A, much less an A+ within the 3As that I have gotten. My most optimisitic expectations were at least 2A and all Bs with not Cs at the very least, but this time, I managed to... Continue Reading →

Final Year Project

After my attachment in Perth, Australia, the large missing gap in my entries of this blog was largely attributed to the Final Year Project. A 3 month project that i did in school, with my partner. We were given a project title my Mr AK. We were suppose to investigate the expression levels of TGF... Continue Reading →

Mug and Cup

Yeah, so before i left, the lab team gave me a beautiful sandlewood fine china mug and a farewell card. They are the sweetest bunch of guys around, and truly speaking, will be one of my most treasured possessions. Not only that, ill be expecting a letter of recommendation (YAY!) from our professor soon in... Continue Reading →

4 more days left

What happened to all the stuff that you have been doing for the past month? Where are the posts for all of that? I never wrote them and never will. Its not that i dont have anything to write or i havent done anything! I have done and seen lots of things while im here... Continue Reading →

Post Exam Syndrome

YATTA!!! Its finally over!!!! The last of the last exam paper is done!!! Business wasnt so bad. Though there were a lot of things to write. The one thing i dont like about the paper was the fact that the sub questions within the main questions were overly long and lengthy, requiring you to provide... Continue Reading →

Densha Otoko [Train Man]

Shocked by the paper yesterday, Proteomics. So many questions i didnt expect to appear during the exams, and it did. And its a good thing. Coz its easy!!! Personally i thought i wouldnt do well in this paper, but now that ive done it, i think i might do quite alright! The questions were straightforward,... Continue Reading →

Major reshuffling…

Okie, so today SFG's paper was kinda bad for me. Not bad as in dunno how to do bad, but no confidence in your answers kinda bad. And whats worse, i discovered i made alot of mistakes!!!! Nevermind... its over, ill pass, but barely, trust me its bad enough. Its gonna get worse, tomorrow, PROTEOMICS.... Continue Reading →

The Waiting Game…

Second paper, Drug Development was okay i guess. Despite my lack of concentration in studying 2 days prior, i think i could have done better if not for the fact that i have to wait for a very important message from one of my lecturers. Damn that multiscale approach question was a tough nut to... Continue Reading →

Confirmed! But where?

Well, i got the big news a couple of days ago. Yeap, AK smsed up to update out resumes and told us that our overseas attachment applications has been more or less confirmed. Though he didnt say where we will be posted to, but i guess, he will have a meeting with us to discuss... Continue Reading →

Concerning Revision

Some of my classmates were asking me to email Mr William How on what to study for his topics in MBID. Well i did, and it seems that he is out of office till the 16th of August i think. So i guess, we have to wait for his reply. I wasnt that blatant in... Continue Reading →

Thats alot of work to be done…

Wow, i cant believe i spent several hours today just to update some stuff on my other blog, janetwork.wordpress.com. Its my anime database that i just set up online, so that i can keep track of my anime collection and for other to read my own personal review of all the animes that i have... Continue Reading →

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