Loving my Manhattan Portage


Finally bought a Manhattan Portage Mini NY Messenger bag and I am loving every bit of it.

Retailing at SGD 79.90, it is a little pricey given its size, but it is super practical to bring it with you where ever you go. You see, I like to travel light. While bringing a backpack is all fine and stuff, sometimes you don’t need to bring such a huge bag when you hardly bring more than 10 items with you. And especially when I am not carrying my notebook (in my case, a MacBook Air) with me, whenever I am hanging out with my friends, a small bag like the Mini NY Messenger bag is perfect.

All that is in my bag is a pack of tissue, a small notebook for note taking, a pen to write stuff down, and a Kindle and with ample space for a handphone charger, a portable charger, umbrellas, keys, loose change, pieces of paper and other small items. The bag is big enough to carry a small water bottle or paperback novel and even an iPad Minit! It is small enough to sling around your shoulder with the bag in front of you, or at the back.

My Manhattan Portage bag is designed in New York, but handmade in Taiwan, which is not bad at all. The quality is impeccable and its comes with a spare velcro strips should the current one fail in the future and comes with a lifetime limited warranty. For a small fee it also provides repairs and maintenance on your bags should it wears off due to heavy usage over time.

The material is made from high quality, industry standard Cordura material that is water resistant and lightweight. I bought the blue one which goes well with any clothing I wear. Not too bland like black, but not too flashy like some neon colours you see out there. Very neutral blue hue.

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