Faux Canvas DIY project

I managed to find mod podge and it comes in a range of sizes and types. I chose the one most appropriate, with a brush, and pvc board. I went to another store that prints poster or banners and printed four cityscapes, cities that I have visited in my travels in Europe. They are Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Prague. The quality is good for starters and they also offered to matte the prints up.

With all the items bought, I set out to try this DIY project on my on. fake canvas first step.

The size of the boards were 30cm by 45cm. So naturally you would want your prints to be of the exact size, so that you do not have to do the cutting or cropping. It should just fit nicely and then apply evenly on the pvc board after brushing its surface with a layer of mod podge. Mod podge can act as a glue, sealant or matte finish on any prints.

applying mod podge on the pvc board

Allow the mod podge to dry for about 2 hours after adding the prints on the pvc board.

Applying the mod podge on the surface of the prints itself.

Apply a generous coat of mod podge on the prints and then allow it dry for about an hour or so. I guess the thicker the mod podge you add, the more ‘canvas’ like look it will be. This is a great and easy project to quickly spruce up boring plain walls with beautiful portrait photos of your loved ones, or cityscapes of cities or places you have been in your travels so far.

final look

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