Faux Canvas DIY project

I was browsing pinterest the other day when I stumbled upon a website that teaches you how to create a fake photo canvas. It involves using mod podge that you brush on your photo, or any portrait that is pasted on wood, or pvc board. I used pvc board for starters as I simply wanted... Continue Reading →

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Melted Crayons Art (inspired by Pinterest)

Pinterest is an extremely inspirational website. Any registered users can share creative pictures and DIYS that they come across the web or that they created by themselves. I have been using it for a little more than 3 weeks now and after having scoured the entire DIY section of Pinterest, I am extremely inspired to... Continue Reading →

Project 365 56/365

New books to read!! Completed the Dean Koontz's tetralogy of Odd Thomas as well as the Sergei Lukyanenko's tetralogy about the Others.

Project 365 54/365

Was bored at Popular, so I began browsing at some of the O level 10 year series. Missed the good old days. Teachers would grill you till you are stressed out, doing paper after paper, year after year, till you get it right. Oh I dread the math 10 year series. Like they always say,... Continue Reading →

Project 365 53/365

Happy Birthday to... hey wait a minute! Its not any of your birthday's today! Get out of there and don't touch the cake! It's Elly's birthday today!

Project 365 52/365

The new generation kids! Though not all of em are represented here seen playing just outside the chalet. Gosh I feel old already.

Project 365 51/365

Macaroons! I actually loved it when I tried it for the very first time. I still think they are overly priced though and slightly overrated. Sure they taste great, for up to 1.80 a piece, come on... But after eating a couple more i realised that you cant really eat that much at one go,... Continue Reading →

Project 365 50/365

Sometimes when waiting for someone, especially at Ion Orchard, I like to observe from a distance what the cooks and chefs do at the food court. Luckily I didn't manage to spot any peculiarities that might ruin someone's appetite.

Project 365 42/365

Absolutely hate a dirty centrifuge. Seriously  c'mon whoever used it before and dirtied it, please please please be responsible and clean that up. You never know just what kind of solutions, mixtures, potential pathogens get mixed up in there.

Project 365 41/365

SBS day! Fun and games! You know, my SBS building is really cool, in a sense that the open space lobby, is the ideal location in holding events such as this. Big space, air con and really cool atmosphere if you pack it all in!

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