Artistic outlet

I am not an artist. I can't draw beyond stick figures. But sometimes, browsing through pinterest and all the nice little DIY ideas really invoke the artistic side of me. There are several DIY projects that I have come across that I would love to do. But sometimes it is quite challenging when you have... Continue Reading →

Faux Canvas DIY project

I was browsing pinterest the other day when I stumbled upon a website that teaches you how to create a fake photo canvas. It involves using mod podge that you brush on your photo, or any portrait that is pasted on wood, or pvc board. I used pvc board for starters as I simply wanted... Continue Reading →

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Melted Crayons Art (inspired by Pinterest)

Pinterest is an extremely inspirational website. Any registered users can share creative pictures and DIYS that they come across the web or that they created by themselves. I have been using it for a little more than 3 weeks now and after having scoured the entire DIY section of Pinterest, I am extremely inspired to... Continue Reading →

First of four has arrived!

The first of four posters have arrived and i got it all cheap on ebay! I was actually very skeptical when i bought this silk cloth poster. I need to find a way to spruce things up a little on my bedroom wall and was browsing for some really nice posters that i could hang... Continue Reading →

"Lemme patch you up."

Anyone who plays Left for Dead, would know that first-aids are essential right? It really gives you a sense of security when you have one lugging behind your back. Well how about wearing it in real life? Yeap, this would make you safe all day, everyday! Well folks, the guys from have come up... Continue Reading →

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