Difficult transition

I am undergoing a rather difficult transition. Right now, here I am doing my final year project in a lab, with little progress to be made as of late. A lot of setbacks have occurred recently and my experiments are going at a snail’s pace. I don’t know if i can finish my experiments and get enough data for my thesis writing. And my thesis writing is important for my grades at the end of my 4 years as an undergrad. It is rather important for me to achieve the second class upper grade for my postgraduate application to overseas universities, especially the prestigious ones.

Even the application for these universities haven’t been smooth sailing. The good news is that I have found 2 professors who are willing to endorse my academic references that are needed as part of the application process. The only thing left is write a good draft for my personal statement. This will take some time, as I need to customise each personal statement for each university that I am applying to.

And there is also the issue of scholarship. If I have a second class upper grade at the end of it all, then I might have an edge. If not, it is going to be difficult. I need the scholarship of some form of financing to finance my postgraduate education. It is very expensive and I don’t want to burden my parents any longer.

In short, my research progress is slow, and my future actually hinged on the outcome of my final year project. What am I going to do?

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