Interview for my Master Programme

A few months ago I applied for a Master's degree programme in NUS. It's a Joint Master's in Science Communication between NUS and Australia National University. Just yesterday I went for an interview after being shortlisted for the programme. The interview went ok. It was held in some recreation room in the School of Science... Continue Reading →

Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day

This afternoon I went to the Pan-Pacific Hotel, where they held the Australian Law, Medicine and Health Science Open Day. Having gone through a similar seminar and exhibition that showcases UK Universities, it was another fruitful day learning about the postgraduate courses on offer from several Australian Universities.   I now have a range of... Continue Reading →

The next chapter of my life

My time in NTU is about to end. I'm living my final days of my final semester doing my final year project. Soon I would ¬†embark on another chapter of my life that could potentially be life changing and perhaps exciting. I have been considering my options, and one of them is to continue my... Continue Reading →

A look back at Year 3 Semester 1.

As I sit in front of the computer, trying to reflect back on those past 5 months of so, it was undeniably one hell of a ride. Nevertheless, it was one ride that I will never forget.When I joined the SBS club as the main committee. I thought to myself that I must be crazy.... Continue Reading →


That was the result of this semester's grades. How do I feel?On paper it looks really ok. It is in line with expectations. Although the A- were the modules that were the most difficult. They were physiology and microbiology. I thought I was a goner for that module, but apparently, for some reason, I managed... Continue Reading →


So I went for the INSTEP Talk today. It simply stands for International Student Exchange Program for NTU students. The talk was 2 hours long and it was highly insightful. The talk is mandatory for those who wish to spend a semester in an overseas university. As an exchange student, you will be studying at... Continue Reading →

Uni life: A restrospect

Its been almost a semester since I entered uni. Life in uni wasn't what I was expecting. Gone were the glory days of poly life, where you had so much fun, lessons were engaging, classroom sizes were small, and lab practical sessions were our 'study playground', with ample room to explore and discover new things.... Continue Reading →

Matriculation Package is here!

My matriculation package arrived last week and i realised that there are lots of paperwork to do before i officially matriculate! I had to go online and accept the matriculation declaration, fill up my personal particulars. Then i had to fill up my parents particulars, after that on to the acceptance of tuition grants, CPF... Continue Reading →

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