Vaccinations for Morocco

Couple of days ago, I visit the vaccination clinic at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. I made a doctor’s appointment (which was required if you need certain vaccinations) so that I can seek his consultation on exactly what vaccinations are absolutely required for my upcoming trip to Morocco.

Apparently, there was none. At most recommended taking typhoid and hepatitis A vaccinations, to protect myself from food and water borne diseases that I might get while travelling to Morocco or any other places around the world in the future where sanitation in food and water is subpar (I’m not saying that Morocco sanitation standards specifically are subpar).

I initially wanted to get a rabies vaccine, until I realise the actual cost of taking a shot plus 2 additional booster shots over the course of the month. It costs a whopping S$450 for the entire vaccination course. In the end, the doctor did not recommend me taking it as I will be travelling in groups and best is that I avoid stray dogs, and possibly run away from them if things get dicey. Even if I do get bitten by stray dogs over there, I can immediately begin a 5 dose vaccination course to protect myself post infection. Though it costs more, but I think the chances are slim that I will actually need it.

On top of the typhoid and hep A vaccine that I took, I request for the annual flu vaccination. This will come in useful when I travel to New York or Iceland (yes Iceland again, its been decided that I will be going in sometime in October, more on that in another post) so that I will not get sick while travelling to those cold countries that will potentially ruin my holiday.

So I am all set as far as vaccinations are concern.

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