Finding the correct moment to blog

The correct moment to blog for me would be in the wee hours of the morning, when everything is quiet. Total silence. The tv is switched off. The doors to my room is closed, no one on the streets and you only hear the crickets chirping into the darkness of the night. The weather is cool, and a hot cup of tea, freshly prepared, sits on the left side of my desk. With all these elements in place, I feel that is the best time for me to blog. However, that is provided I am still awake, and not tired after a long and exhausting day at work. And those moments are pretty rare nowadays. Like for example, as I write this entry, everyone in my family is up, the tv is switched and everything is still bright and lively outside.

2 thoughts on “Finding the correct moment to blog

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  1. Yes, a tranquil atmosphere is always the most effective strategy for blogging. I usually write my articles after 2PM. I feel more passionate and alive as a hopeless romantic, especially deep into the evening. Thanks for sharing! This was very relaxing to read. Take care.

  2. Sometimes all you need is some alone time, where nothing can get you distracted. The moment where you feel at peace and zen-like are often the best times to write.

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