The world is not going to end

Not on my watch. Here are my reasons why.

The Hobbit sequels due 2013 and 2014 is yet to be released. I am dying to see those.

The Playstation 3 exclusive video game The Last of Us, due May 2013, is not out yet. I wanna play that game so badly. Any games developed by Naughty Dog are bound to be great.

I’m looking forward to next week where I will get to chill and hang out with my friends over drinks before I start my FYP. What a bummer if the world ends today! I won’t be able to say goodbye to them and at least end it with a bang.

I have yet to graduate! At least allow me to get a degree before the world ends. It’s only a few more months!

I haven’t finished reading The Walking Dead graphic novels! Until then, the world must not end. Not on my watch.

I haven’t visited USA! I wanna see and explore New York City, Los Angeles, Hollywood and Las Vegas. Maybe sightseeing abit of the Grand Canyon.

There are so many novels I have yet to read. At least let me finish those that are in my wish list. Till then no go.

The Script concert tour hasn’t arrive in Singapore yet! I need to see them at least one more time before the world can end.

So there, the world will not end unless I complete these tasks.


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