I have often believed that my house is jinxed. Whenever I express interest in replacing an old device, gadget or home appliance, and start to look for the next available option on the market, somehow, by ways that cannot be explained, the old and current item would start to break down. It is as if,... Continue Reading →

Speaking of memory lane

I have been keeping a journal and writing my thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout all these years. I've never kept a traditional journal where you wrote stuff with a physical journal book. I grew up in an era of the internet and while it was the early years where the noisy , 28.8kpbs modems were... Continue Reading →

The world is not going to end

Not on my watch. Here are my reasons why. The Hobbit sequels due 2013 and 2014 is yet to be released. I am dying to see those. The Playstation 3 exclusive video game The Last of Us, due May 2013, is not out yet. I wanna play that game so badly. Any games developed by... Continue Reading →


One of the most outrageous mtv I have ever seen in a looong time and the longest ever released in recent history. It's none other than Lady Gaga's Telephone, featuring Beyonce.Almost clocking at 10 minutes, this video plays out more like a short film. The music is interspersed throughout the video and you will see... Continue Reading →

Sinking boat melodrama

A friend of mine showed me this clip from failblog and I find this pretty hilarious. Too many people partying on the boat = boat sinks = Celine Dion takes center stage = Sings Titanic theme song = Epic melodrama. The timing is just so right! And who says soundtracks can't evoke strong emotions? Emotions... Continue Reading →

A Forklift is not a Go-Kart

A forklift is not a toy. It may seem fun to drive around, but in actual fact, you need to be qualified to drive one. And that takes some time in undergoing training and familiarizing with the controls. This guy apparently needs more training. He just bashes through one of the warehouse's storage structure, and... Continue Reading →

Catherine Tate

"Am I Bovvered?" That has got to be one of the most annoying thing you will here from the Catherine Tate, one of the finest British Comedian, who won multiple awards for her Catherine Tate Show. For a show that won an Emmy, multiple BAFTA awards and many more, this show packs a punch. And... Continue Reading →

Pam Ann

I recently discovered Pam Ann, an Australian Comedian who loves to make fun of various airlines and their little quirks, from their flights, to their flight attendants, by portraying herself as none other than flight attendants. One particular segment that was of interest to me was the clip that portrayed the Singapore Airline Girls and... Continue Reading →

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