The Lord of The Rings Trilogy EXTENDED movie marathon


When The Hobbit was released a couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to watch it on IMAX 3D and it was an amazing experience to revisit Middle Earth after 11 years since the first LOTR movie was released. Not only that, the new format gave a refreshing perspective in the entire Middle Earth universe, revisiting famous places like Lothlorien, The Shire in full 3D and in the big screen format.

Yesterday and today, I decided for the first time to rewatch the entire LOTR trilogy and in their Extended versions of each movie, totalling 11 hours of non-stop epicness. The chance to really watch the entire trilogy as one giant continuous movie is nothing short of amazing. Considering that I have never done it before and to rewatch it again, as it is meant to be, with all the extra scenes after more than 10 years since it was released, is truly breathtaking. I am quite amazed that I still find it wonderful and awe-inspiring when watching the movie all over again. It almost feels like watching it for the first time. 11 years ago, I was only 14 at that time and now that I am 25, rewatching it has given me a fresh perspective and understanding in the whole Middle Earth universe. It is great to be back in Middle Earth.

The next thing now is to patiently wait for the second and third part of The Hobbit to be released in the coming years. Hopefully the spirit of the movie that makes it great remains in future releases. I really can’t wait for the second and concluding movies to be released. Then I will watch it again, as a marathon in the Extended versions and truly appreciate how wonderful it is for Peter Jackson to bring the Middle Earth universe alive. Watching LOTR again, has reaffirmed my conviction that the movies will be a classic and will remain as one of the best movie ever made of all time.

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