The Script Intimate Showcase at Avalon, Singapore

One of the best nights of 2012 was the chance to see The Script live in Singapore. They performed a special one night only showcase, at Avalon, one of the premier nightclubs at Marina Bay Sands. 

Tickets were sold at SGD88. It included their latest album, #3 and so far I am loving every single track within the album. The performance started at 9pm and lasted only 1 hour. I got there at around 8pm and there was already a long queue forming outside the nightclub. I was quite worried at first, judging from the long line of fans already waiting to go in. I thought that it would be extremely crowded and thus I wouldn’t be able to see the band up close and that it is going to be jam-packed with people.

But alas, the door opened before their scheduled 8.30pm and they started to check our tickets and ID and allowed the fans to slowly stream through and into the nightclub. When most of them are inside, it wasn’t as crowded as I would expect. The dancefloor was bigger than I had imagine and it could probably allowed more people in if they wanted to. But all in all, the atmosphere, lights, and stage was perfect. The crowd was a great mix, not too many screaming fans, and most of them came in groups, small groups of girls, or groups of guys and girls with a fair bit of couples going together. It was a  loud crowd when the band started playing, but it wasn’t those screaming, chaotic type which I don’t appreciate very much, after all this is an ‘Intimate Acoustic Showcase”

By 9pm, the show began, but not until they welcomed us and thanking us  for coming down to Avalon. A local radio DJ opened up the act, warming us up by holding a special lucky draw to a select few who would be lucky enough to see them up close and personal during an autograph session due to take place the following day. They called out those lucky ones who held on to their ticket stubs with unique identification numbers. Only 10 lucky winners get to go to the special autograph session and unfortunately, I wasn’t picked. But it was ok. I can live with it.

After the lucky draw, that was where the real fun begins. The band appeared and came up on stage and everyone went crazy! Even I was immediately starstruck as having the chance to see them up close for the first time. I have always been a fan of The Script, and seeing them here in Singapore, I couldn’t be happier. I consider myself lucky to be able to have the chance to see them so close!

The performance lasted only one hour. It was only a showcase after all, to promote the new album in Singapore. But still even if it is one hour, there is probably the only time in my life where I can get to see them this close from the stage. They played their best hits from all the three albums that they have released, including the new one and I must say, I have greater respect for them now.

These guys can really put on a show, not as a performer on stage, but also as a singer. They can really sing and to hear them live, was an absolute joy for me. I have always imagined what it would be like to hear them sing live and it was beyond expectations. Almost everyone knew the lyrics to their favourite hits like “Breakeven”, “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”, “We Cry”, “Hall of Fame”  and few others. And because of that, we sang alongside them with all our heart.  They performed acoustically, and only about 6 or 7 songs.

I managed to record some of their performances during that wonderful night. You can view them below:

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