Happy Second Anniversary Mac Mini!!!

Today I am going to celebrate the second anniversary of my Mac Mini!

Exactly 2 years ago, I bought my first mac. At that time, I was hesitant in investing large sums of money in buying a high end iMac. Since it was my first mac ever, I wanted to just try it out and see how it goes.

Two years later, this little bugger is still going strong. Small and silent. This small beast is able to perform some of the toughest task I have ever ask of it to do. From converting videos, to editing videos, and playing games. It doesnt complain at all. In my two years of usage, I have suffered no hardware failures, or any major software crashes and hangups. After the upgrade to Lion, this beast still manages to handle it pretty well. Honestly though, I am starting to feel its sluggishness when im running some cpu intensive programs and softwares, but so long as the computer doesnt hang for no good reasons, I can’t complain. The core 2 duo is starting to show its age, now that the latest Intel iseries is out.

I’m gonna use mac mini for as long as I can. I have plans for an upgrade, but it is still at least a year away due to financial reasons. I am starting to save up for my next big Apple purchase. I am now truly convinced that Mac OS is the best operating system out there. Thus, my next purchase will definitely be from Apple. I have a few choices to choose, and I will definitely take my time to weigh my options. To get another new Mac Mini, or go for the iMac?

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