Hong Kong

Finally I’m going to Hong Kong!I love going to big cities for my holidays. Though I am not a globetrotter, but somehow I have had the opportunity to visit some of the greatest cities on the planet. And no doubt, I will visit more in the years ahead. This year, I am going to Hong Kong!

It will be a short 4 day trip. Sightseeing and shopping will be the main highlights of this holiday. It’s gonna be free and easy throughout the trip which i think should be fine, since they have a pretty comprehensive train network just like Singapore’s MRT. But the best part: I am going there to usher in 2012. Thats right, I will be right there on the eve of new year, in time to see the marvelous fireworks display that you see all the time in TV when Hong Kong celebrates the new year.

I would be an experience I will never forget. And to top it off, Hong Kong, one of the greatest financial centers of world, I will get to see all those soaring skycrapers, the cramp streets and incredible shopping areas day time as well as night time. The weather should be awesome to spent most of your days outside.

Aside from the regular places to visit as tourists, there is one place that I will look forward to visiting when im there. If possible I’d like to visit the Apple Store. Recently opened in Hong Kong, it would be the closes Apple Store I will ever get to visit from Singapore. Though many of your think its just an ordinary store, but this is THE Apple Store! Not just any reseller, but the real thing!! So excited!

So with 2 months to go, guess i will have to just be patient. 😀

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  1. You are just there for the Apple retail store right? The talk about sightseeing are all just bull. LOL!

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