My next mac purchase


My mac mini is showing its age. But that doesn’t mean that I am totally giving up on it. It has served me well without any problems and as best as I can, I would really like to use it for as long as possible. Right now I think its the best time to look ahead and decide on my next mac purchase.After ‘field testing’ my mac mini, I think its a good time to really go for a big and good upgrade. I have 2 paths before me and it is unlikely that I can have both: Get the future rumored Macbook Air 15 inch laptop, or a 27 inch iMac. I have been thinking for a while as to which should be my next upgrade. Both has its pros and cons in buying them.

Macbook Air 15 inch laptop.

If this were to really come true, it might be a good investment. By getting a laptop, I could use this for my work, after I finish my studies in a year or so. This ultraportable Macbook Air, would eventually be quite powerful indeed if the upcoming refresh includes the upcoming Intel Ivy Bridge processors. With a much powerful and more efficient cpu and most space for more batteries, it would be great to extend the battery life to the notebook to beyond 10 years. Coupled with its ultra slim form factor and a large 15 inch screen, this upgrade could be a good one especially when I might foresee myself needing a portable notebook for my future studies and eventual work life. However, the upcoming 15 inch macbook air could come at a hefty price, considering the premium you pay for its ultraportability, and unless the performance gap between the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro does not narrow, that it might be difficult to be convinced to get it.

27 inch iMac.

This beast features the best looking screen I have ever encountered. Its a powerful rig overall. But the downside is that I am never a fan of having an all-in-one computer; where the monitor and cpu are in one unit. Sure it would cabling wise and performance wise would be far better than the current mac mini I have, but the idea that I would have no flexibility to select the type of monitors I want or the inability to opt for a matte screen, is the main issue why I am hesitant to just go for the iMac instead. iMac also has zero portability, which means I only get to enjoy at home, and if I were to do work outside home, I would not have a macbook notebook (of any kind) to do it. I do love the screen, and huge and gorgeous, but that would mean that I would not be able to get a portable computer with me. I am currently waiting to see if there are any major design changes to the iMac, and if it comes with a slimmer form factor, or better still, reintroduce the 23 inch version of the iMac, then it might be a pull factor for me to purchase it. The price i suspect would be on part with a macbook Air 15 inch, which is a dilemma for me since, i could get a far more powerful computer for the same price as i would when purchasing the 15 inch macbook air. But that would mean that I would have to sacrifice portability.

The macbook air looks so sleek and sexy and its brought outside, while the iMac has a screen that is to be admired and to die for when using at home.

Such conflicting dilemma. I think I need to further evaluate my needs now and into the future, and be patient until major product announcements and its upcoming changes, whether technical or design changes, are made, before I make my decision.

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